One Line Jokes

I keep looking for that perfect sentence to open up the conversation. Should I talk politics, science or religious? Well, the best ice breakers are humours. Whether it is a one line joke or a funny comment, it has to be non-offensive. Spruce up your character and be calm. Loosen the tension by one line jokes, sense the peace inside.

It is true that sense of humour is an integral part of selected humans. I mean consider Spike Milligan; he was an Irish serving in World War II, and still a Jazz musician and later on a musical comedy actor. Quick One Line Jokes compared to the more traditional jokes have an advantage as to their practicality. I mean, in today’s busy life, people want to hear something quick, get charged, and get back to whatever they were doing.

I have always been curious about how people make up a joke. Is it some kind of inspiration, or someone really sits and thinks to make one up. It seems that the paragraph style jokes have a story to it. Perhaps the designer put some thoughts into it and assembles it one sentence at a time. However, one line jokes have a different characteristic. They represent a real life situation. One line jokes are the ones that spice up our life, they are short, right to the point and do not require a great deal of brain power.

One line jokes come handy in speeches like when the Best Man gets the audience attention by tapping glass of wine by a fork. You see some new businesses use promotional coasters to promote their services or products. I strongly suggest making it fun, including one line jokes on coasters. This way, your advertising investment will go a long way.

Indirectly “one line jokes” remind us of some of the gifts we possess and don’t get a chance to appreciate. For sure we all can remind ourselves how great it feels: When we smell a new rain, when we observe a new or half moon, a good comfortable bed, good family and friends, washing machines, peace that we feel inside, caramel candies, trees, burger king, a warm bath after a hard workout, grandchild, and the list goes on and on.

Hopefully we wash our hands before a meal, so why not wash our mood before attempting to engage in a task, speech, learning, and social events. It is shown that humour does lift off degrading emotions. It simply substitutes them with positive energy. Makes you enthusiastic and opens opportunities. Here is an idea: why not write up one line jokes on a piece of sticky note and place it on your mirror.

I personally found it pretty effective specially when you wake up on Monday morning and see it before you wash your face. I can relate to it, washing my face to wake up, and at the same time cleaning my mood by reading the note on the mirror. Try it, you see, I personally look better when I see myself in the mirror and it is just a Monday morning!