Joke Ninja

Conversational Jokes and One-liners

Jokes can be a non-threatening way to open conversations with strangers, add a ray of sunshine to a friend’s day or just share a funny moment with those who are closest to you. Are there not times you wish you could be like a Joke Ninja – landing back on your feet with one funny or hilarious story after another, when you are trying to create some good, clean fun? Remembering great “one-liners” or coming up with fresh comedy material for your next party can be difficult to do, unless you have access to your own comedy writers.

The Internet a Great Source, But Do Not Restrict Yourself

With the Internet, it’s easier to find jokes you haven’t heard before, regardless of the subject matter. It can be difficult to come up with appropriate funnies for younger audiences, but there are plenty of clean, humorous anecdotes to be found or created, and some have been put in writing. There are some people who just seem to have a knack for thinking up short, amusing stories, whether based on real people, or not. There seems to be an endless supply of the “a ______walked into a bar” or “knock-knock” jokes, but those can get worn out as quickly as “blond” or “fat” “one-liners”, depending on your audience.

A Joke Ninja

A Joke Ninja can be defined as a person who knows how to gear their material to their audience, so it won’t be offensive, and they know how to tell it so it makes people laugh. There are some people who just don’t get good jokes and others can take them downright personally. Knowing your audience helps a lot, if you decide to tell any types of stereotypical “one-liners“, such as those about seniors, religion or political sectors, sports or occupations, for example.

You can find plenty of material that’s clean enough to tell your grandmother or your kids, but there are all different kinds of categories, when it comes to looking for humorous and funny material. Everyone thinks they can become a comedian if they can remember the punch line, when it comes time to deliver. Those that might be considered a Joke Ninja will have a full range of humorous material, but they will be able to read and command their audience, using the basic concepts of comedy. And just like the Japanese warriors of old, each thrust will be perfectly timed taking the listener(s) off guard.

Delivering different kinds of funny, short stories or performing hilarious impersonations could be considered “stand-up” or “slapstick”, but even if you write your own material, you have to admit that delivery is the key factor. There is an art to humor and just because you have some funny material does not mean you won’t cause a classic, “one-liner” to become a flop, if you don’t make people laugh when telling it.

Master The Joke(s) First

Mastering the telling of jokes is a task that a Joke Ninja, such as professional entertainers or comedians, have learned to consistently incorporate. If you want to make people laugh and become the life of the party, you need to consider joke delivery, besides audience-appropriate material. Sometimes to become funny it is necessary to be most serious, and as some comedians have discovered a serious business can be hilariously funny. Practice, practice and practice the secret of any professional. Putting together new ideas in funny ways can help you be more successful in making people laugh! Get the right material, learn the lines and then make the delivery professional. Lastly, you too should enjoy the fun!