A One Line Joke To Remember

T.G.I.F.! – The Goal Is FREEDOM!
Are you good at telling jokes?

I know that I have never been great at telling jokes. I’ve never been great at timing and pacing. I seem to always forget the punch line, or a key part of the set up of the joke. Or just how the joke goes. It’s like the part of my brain that stores jokes is full of holes. The joke goes in, swirls around a little while, and then drops out the bottom.

It’s interesting that some people are really good at telling jokes, and some aren’t. I know there are some people who practice the jokes, so that they get them right. Are you good at telling jokes?

What lies at the bottom of the ocean? A nervous wreck!

I’m pretty good at remembering one liners, especially if they are specific to the network marketing business. Good one liners are fun, and they make you think hard when you hear them. They make your prospect think hard too…

A Joke Makes You Smile!
“When you don’t know where you’re going… Every road will take you there!”

Bam! Isn’t that the truth. So many people wander aimlessly through life. Taking the road of least resistance! Make sure you know your goals and your why!

“It’s not the speed of your decision but the accuracy that counts… “

Isn’t that the truth! People so often make bad decisions for the wrong reason. Get the information, know why you are doing what you are doing!

“Just when you think you’ve won the rat race, along come faster rats.”

Just focus on the goal. The reality is that you are only racing yourself, someone will always be faster and younger. Stay the course!

A Joke Is A Little Bit Of The Truth!
“Even if you win the rat race… you’re still a rat!”

Let that one liner joke sink in.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

Do you know what your main thing is?

‘When you come to a fork in the road, take it!’ Yogi Berra, baseball great and one-liner legend.

What the heck does that quote mean? (Maybe not to pass on dessert?)

“When you are faced with a decision, not to decide is a decision”

One of the reasons people never seem to get anything going in their business is they can never seem to come to a decision. They decide to join. And then they want to think about it… and think about it and thing about it.

Like Zig used to say they became “frozen with the paralysis of analysis!” They are over thinking things too much. Just get out there and start taking action steps!

I think that some 40-year-olds are worse than children… They tell you that they want to build the business, and then they sit in their chair watching television.

You tell them to pick up the phone and call people, and they throw a temper tantrum!

If more people would look at their business, like a business instead of a hobby, and come to a basic decision to JUST DO IT they would be light years ahead! Your business is not a joke, act on it.

Don’t question and ponder and second guess that decision for 2 years, they made the decision to start, so get moving!

Sure, doubt and fear will creep into our minds, and the best way to combat that is to take action. It’s really that simple.

So what are some action tips that you can take to help you get started?

  1. Call your upline and develop some goals for you.
  2. Call your top 5 up-and-comers in your group, share some ideas and goals with them.
  3. Ask them to email you 3 action steps that they are 100% committed to doing within the next 72 hours to build their business. You should also send your action steps to your upline.
  4. Ask them to email you when they have completed all 3 action steps.

Watch to see 2 things.

  1. Who actually emails you the 3 steps.
  2. Who actually emails you that they completed all 3.

The business is about leadership. Lead through action! Leaders follow through on their commitments.

What are 3 action steps that you are 100% committed to doing within the next 72 hours to build YOUR business?

Email them to the highest pin rank in your upline.

Let them know you’re on top of your game.

“You can’t expect to take a fishing boat out and just watch the fish jump into the boat.”

Have a blessed day. Carpe Diem!